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VR Water-Cooling Cover


Waterproof Material Selection: Identifying materials that effectively repel water while maintaining comfort against the skin poses a significant challenge. It requires extensive research and testing to find the optimal balance between waterproofing properties and user comfort.

Curved Sealing Joints: Designing sealing joints that can seamlessly conform to the diverse contours of users’ faces is a complex task. Achieving a tight seal without compromising comfort or mobility necessitates innovative design solutions and materials that offer flexibility and adaptability.

Different User Face Shapes: Accommodating the wide range of facial shapes and sizes among users presents a considerable challenge. Developing a mask that fits snugly and securely on various face profiles requires meticulous attention to ergonomics and adjustability features.

Refilling System: Implementing an efficient and user-friendly refilling system for the water-cooling mechanism adds another layer of complexity. Designing a system that allows for easy access, secure sealing, and hassle-free refilling while maintaining the mask’s integrity requires careful engineering and testing.


Waterproof Material Selection: After extensive material testing and analysis, suitable waterproof materials such as silicone or specialized rubber compounds were identified. These materials offer a balance of waterproofing properties and skin comfort, ensuring the mask remains both functional and comfortable for extended wear.

Curved Sealing Joints: Innovative design approaches, including the use of flexible sealing materials and modular components, were employed to address the challenge of sealing joints on curved surfaces. By incorporating adaptable materials and adjustable features, the mask can conform to various facial contours while maintaining an effective seal.

Different User Face Shapes: Utilizing adjustable straps, modular components, and ergonomic design principles, the mask was engineered to accommodate a wide range of face shapes and sizes. This ensures a customizable and comfortable fit for all users, enhancing overall usability and satisfaction.

Refilling System: Through iterative prototyping and user feedback, a convenient and efficient refilling system was developed. This system features a refillable reservoir with secure sealing mechanisms and user-friendly access points, allowing for easy replenishment of the cooling liquid without compromising the mask’s functionality or integrity.

By addressing these challenges with innovative solutions and rigorous testing, the development team successfully overcame technical obstacles to create a water-cooling mask that meets the highest standards of performance and user experience.

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