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Committed to empowering large corporations, small enterprises, and entrepreneurs, we endeavor to craft impactful B2B products and designs for clients worldwide.

Pedro Albaladejo


MBA and Industrial Engineer with more than 15 years of experience in Automotive and Aeronautic companies located in Europe, China and USA, responsible for product development for some of the main industry players such as Toyota, General Motors or Airbus.

Simon Liao


MDes and specializes in haptics and HCI fields with experience in interaction design and VR development. His work was selected at the world’s top computer graphics conference SIGGRAPH as a contributor in 2019. Now focusing on products and business development as an entrepreneur.

Sylvia Wu_profile photo

Sylvia Wu


The founder of AskTaiwan, a sourcing company based in Taiwan with global sales and marketing experience in the technology field. Familiar with the Taiwanese supply chain and global business perspectives, she is able to act as an effective client advocate to ensure that the product design meets, or exceeds the desired price, performance and design objectives.

Angel Albaladejo


Projects and technical management of facilities. Energy audit Design of pressure equipment. Industrial Security. Certification of equipment and machinery, CE marking and patents. Industrial design and product development. Processing of licenses and subsidies.