Industrial Design for Manufacturing in Asia

Located in Taipei with hundreds of manufacturers in our network support both one-off prototyping and low-volume production.

Why Ideambox?

Experts in product development and manufacturing.

Trusted Network

Our sourcing team works closely with manufacturers that have a proven track record of making high-quality parts. As our network provides virtually limitless capacity, your parts go directly into production at the most competitive prices.

Design Experts

Work with industrial designers and engineering experts to better realize your strengths in product design and manufacturing. Half design studio, half engineering consultancy, we believe in the raw power of big ideas, hence our name.

Time to Market

We avoid unnecessary iterations by involving all parties early on in the design stage. A professional Design for Manufacturing study is always discussed with client and supplier and is key to avoid delays.

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Some of our latest projects.


Some of our latest projects.

Our Services

Hands-on services from idea to manufacturing.


Work with our team of designers and engineers with more than 20 years of experience.


Using the most innovative digital prototyping tools to validate your design before going to market.

Prototyping &

Find the best supplier to launch your product and get full support from our European team in Asia.

Working Process

Flexible product planning and accurate product definition.

Creation and exploration of new ideas by engaging in free-flowing, collaborative brainstorming sessions.

Is the product robust enough to be manufactured without quality problems? Before the new product is delivered to our customer we will propose a complete verification plan including Simulation and Testing.

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