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Experts in product development and manufacturing.

Born from a passion in industrial design and engineering, we develop and create products for robust and cost-efficient manufacturing.

Our sourcing team works closely with manufacturers that have a proven track record of making high-quality parts in China and Taiwan.

Work with industrial designers and engineering experts to better realize your strengths in product design and manufacturing. Half design studio, half engineering consultancy, we believe in the raw power of big ideas, hence our name.

Working with Ideambox was a game-changer for our business. Their innovative product design and strategic guidance helped us turn our vision into reality. They truly understand our needs and delivered a solution that exceeded our expectations.

Luis Herrera

Chief Innovation Officer, ABC Ltd

Some of our latest projects.


Headlamp with Peripheral Vision

Industrial DesignManufacturing

Xreal Liquidcover

VR Water-Cooling Cover

Industrial DesignPrototyping

WC Sensor

Touchless Toilet Flush System

Industrial DesignManufacturing


Mirrorless Rearview Camera System

Industrial DesignPrototyping

How we can help

Flexible product planning allows for adaptability and responsiveness during the development process, while accurate product definition establishes a solid foundation and shared vision.

We create and explore new ideas through free-flowing and collaborative brainstorming sessions. We use agile methodology and scrum framework for delivering products incrementally and iteratively.

The iterative process that involves designing, prototyping, testing, and refining a product concept in industrial design. We use design thinking and user research for understanding the needs and preferences of our users.

We ensure the product’s robustness and quality by proposing a complete verification plan that includes simulation and testing before delivering it to our customer.

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