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Pharmaceutical Demo Case

In this project we worked on an innovative pharma demo case which would be used to showcase a selection of products. At Ideambox we took the initial idea to manufacturing solving several challenges such us product lightweight and functionality. At the same time respecting the initial concept design. The design studio Innou developed the initial design concept.


The initial design was built from the exterior, with soft rounded corners, four inner drawers to allocate an impressive large number of products and even use the top cover as a tablet stand. Thus, the main challenge was to keep the ideal aesthetics and functionality but keeping a ultraportable and lightweight case.


After consulting with multiple manufacturers it was agreed that the only way to manufacture the case without to change the original design was combining three technologies and materials:

  1. EVA thermoforming,
  2. cardboard for the drawers,
  3. MDF for the body.

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