Helping hand with new product industrialization in Asia.

Committed to empowering large corporations, small enterprises, and entrepreneurs, we endeavor to craft impactful B2B products and designs for clients worldwide.

But what do we actually do

When launching a new product, it is essential not only for it to have an appealing aesthetic but also to be well-engineered for robust and cost-efficient manufacturing, all the while ensuring high-quality standards are upheld.

We collaborate with top-tier suppliers in China and Taiwan, standing by your side to provide unwavering support, ensuring the success of your venture. This is our true passion, and we are dedicated to making it happen.

We also provide assistance with advanced engineering tools for computer-aided design (CAD) and computer-aided manufacturing (CAM), as well as comprehensive project planning. This will help to validate the design before moving forward with the production process.

We evoke emotions at the intersection of creativity and precision.

Delivered services since 2011.

Research & Strategy

Design & Development

Testing & Prototyping

Sourcing & Manufacturing

How do we do?

Flexible product planning allows for adaptability and responsiveness during the development process, while accurate product definition establishes a solid foundation and shared vision.

We create and explore new ideas through free-flowing and collaborative brainstorming sessions. We use agile methodology and scrum framework for delivering products incrementally and iteratively.

The iterative process that involves designing, prototyping, testing, and refining a product concept in industrial design. We use design thinking and user research for understanding the needs and preferences of our users.

We ensure the product’s robustness and quality by proposing a complete verification plan that includes simulation and testing before delivering it to our customer.

Who do we do this for

We’ve been known to partner with clients of all sizes, shapes, and forms — from funded startups and small mid businesses to large corporations and government organizations, covering a variety of B2B sectors.


Our objective is to support startups in their efforts to uniquely position themselves on the market, focus on scaling, and ultimately achieve acquisition. We've helped Carbi, an Spain-based startup, launch its first headlamp.

Small-mid businesses

Serving as a solid, reliable partner, we're regularly servicing small-medium businesses by being an extension of their team that focuses on removing businesses' bottlenecks, which often lie in lack of industrial design and advanced engineering tools.


Factory audits, price negotiations, concept designs, prototyping and other services are among the ways we are helping big corporations with a quick turn around and strategic location in Taiwan.

Government organizations

Imposing our proven process in a structured environment, ensuring strict deadlines are met and high quality served, we're assisting by being a helping hand to large organizations where immense responsibility and unmatched quality are key elements to project success.

Working with Ideambox was a game-changer for our business. Their innovative product design and strategic guidance helped us turn our vision into reality. They truly understand our needs and delivered a solution that exceeded our expectations. With ideambox, we found a reliable partner who shares our passion for creativity and excellence.

Luis Herrera

Chief Innovation Officer, ABC Ltd

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