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Wireless Digital Thermograph

In this project at Ideambox we participated in the industrialization of a compact and portable digital thermograph required to comply with the requirements established in the new European Standard UNE-EN 12830:2019. The product design was done in collaboration with Jordi Navarro Lab.


Together with the customer we defined what would be the main goals during the product development:

  • no physical seals to facilitate installation and/or maintenance,
  • applicable not only to vehicles but also to cold-store rooms,
  • the case will have a double function to work as a ergonomic and robust enclosure and as a mold for the potting process.


As opposed to the low-pressure molding process, the potting process involves many steps and requires a long curing period that increases the cycle time and can be conducive to shrinking, putting the electronic components at risk.

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