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Wireless Digital Thermograph

This project was a collaboration with Smartech.

01. Background

Maintaining the quality of products in the cold chain

In this project at Ideambox we participated in the industrialization of a compact and portable digital thermograph required to comply with the requirements established in the new European Standard UNE-EN 12830:2019

Together with the customer we defined what would be the main goals during the product development:

  • no physical seals to facilitate installation and/or maintenance,
  • applicable not only to vehicles but also to cold-store rooms,
  • the case will have a double function to work as a ergonomic and robust enclosure and as a mold for the potting process.
02. Technology


As opposed to the low-pressure molding process, the potting process involves many steps and requires a long curing period that increases the cycle time and can be conducive to shrinking, putting the electronic components at risk.

03. Conceptual Design

Getting inspired

The creative team explored different shapes and geometries. One of the main goals was the visual integration of the connector arm with the body.

In parallel to the creative phase the engineers provide the key requirements to ensure the optimal configuration of the final product.

04. Digital Visualization


The final design was inspired by one of the most emblematic Spanish trains: Talgo.

05. Engineering

Detailed 3D model

After the final design is decided the engineering team works on the design for manufacturing making sure the part will not present problems during the production phase.

Next step will be prototyping for final design validation before the tooling kick off.

06. Prototyping

DFM- Design for manufacturing

First set of prototypes before surface graining. First samples are used for adjusting matching surfaces, colors and potential surface deffects such as shrinkage and deformations.

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