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Digital Tachograph Reader

In this project we were contracted by Lextransport, a consulting company specialized in providing roadside advice and assistance services. They needed to redesign of Robkey, one of their hardware products. We covered the complete development from conceptualization to production.

01. Background

Devise a new experience

We started the project with Lextransport by reviewing the available information from the previous development and analyzing the most important features to be kept, improved or added.

The main inputs from customer:

  • an extremely robust product construction,
  • distinctive aesthetics to make it easy to differentiate from competitors and
  • LED to be visible independently of the connection orientation to the tachograph.
02. Technology Research

Best practices and improvement opportunities

At Ideambox our egnineering team regularly benchmark the best products in the industry, also known as “best in class”. In this particular project the customer provided a sample to be used as a reference for the internal construction, connectors and general dimensions.

03. Conceptual Design

The initial big picture

The creative team explored different shapes and geometries. One of the main goals was the visual integration of the connector arm with the body.

In parallel to the creative phase the engineers provide the key requirements to ensure the optimal configuration of the final product.

04. Digital Visualization

First proposals

After a first selection we prepare different digital representation and mockups of the selected models to present to customer and with the objective to select the final direction and address initial feedbacks from customer.

  • The first proposal with softer lines and a very pleasant geometry inspired in the nature.
  • The second proposal is inspired in automotive products with very powerful and aggressive proposal.
  • And the last proposal is inspired in industrial equipment.
05. Color Trim

CMF – Color, Material & Finish

Several proposals selected by our creative team where presented to customer. Defining the color, material and finish for each of the components.

The final choice was the red one following the initial idea to be very distinctive and easily differentiable.

06. Engineering

CAE – Material Computer Simulation

The engineering team select the appropriate material and production process for each component.

Before to go to production the studio simulate the strength of the components and verify all components and assembly are within specifications.

07. Prototyping

DFM- Design for manufacturing

The final shape and the correct assembly of all components is verified with 3D printed prototypes.

In this phase it was validated:

  • the ergonomics of the product,
  • the assembly process,
  • the clips design and
  • the LED functionality.
08. Deploy

CAD – 2D drawing

The final design and specifications are transferred to the production 2D drawings what will be used for quality control with suppliers.

The drawings must include all specifications and standards required for each of the components such as:

  • the material or materials,
  • the required tests,
  • the color and surface finishing
  • the dimension tolerances.
09. Production

Plastic Injection

For the manufacturing of the enclosure we selected an injection supplier with years of experience in similar products.

The supplier proposed several modifications that were implemented in the final design for an easier and faster industrialization.

We also have to agree on injection and ejectors location, color matching, texture and dimensions tolerance.

10. Packaging

Ready to market

In this project we took care of every aspect of the industrialization, addressing the packaging design and manufacturing.

The selected box was planned to be kept by the final user for storage of the key reader with a magnet opening system.

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