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Headlamp with Peripheral Vision

Carbi was started at the founder garage, and he contacted with Pedro Albaladejo, founder of Ideambox, who partnered with him to launch an innovative outdoor lighting start-up company which first product is a headlamp that adapts to your eyes peripheral vision. A powerful, tough, and smart light that eliminates the tunnel effect. The final product design was done in collaboration with the design studio Innou in Barcelona.

01. Goals

A new lighting experience

We started the project working with Joaquin Bravo, the “ideator” and founder of Carbi with a discovery phase that helps us to focus on understanding the user needs and context and to find deep insights rather than quick answers.

Together we defined what would be the main goals during the product development:

  • an extremely robust and reliable product construction for working in extreme conditions including water submersion and,
  • an innovative design and lighting technology able to cover the user peripheral view.
02. Technology Research

Remote Phosphors

The Remote Phosphor allows us to transfer and deliver light through the entire surface of a customized emitter surface; this solves the Tunnel Effect problem. Since the light source comes from a blue led and what give us the light temperature or light color is that Phosphor semi-sphere, changing the light temperature becomes an easy process. The “Remote Phosphor” is what makes Carbi different.

03. Conceptual Design

Inspired by Nature

The next challenge we faced was finding the source of inspiration for the design of Carbi. Initially we were inspired by nature and the eyes of a dragonfly.

After some tests and models, we realized that the light output angle should be reduced, and the nature inspired design was creating too much chaos on the design, so we decided to opt for a more industrial design with simplified outlines that would fit also better with the premium and industrial aesthetics we were looking for.

04. Digital Visualization

Technologically advanced

Some of the models and renders that were considered during the process. And different aspects such as the light output, construction complexity and robustness were considered.

Soft materials were combined with aluminum, and the screws distributed along the metal frame emphasizes the technical and robust aesthetic of the new lamp.

05. Color Trim

Pick your style

After the final model was decided, and textures and final colors were selected. The yellow also present in the branding and representing of the light was the first candidate, accompanied by dark and light greys.

06. Engineering

CAE – Detailed 3D model

A detailed 3D model is created for the complete assembly. Used for design optimization and assembly verfication.

The 3D model is also used for thermal simulations since it is one the biggest challgenges of the design due to its compact size.

In this project we were also in charge of the App UI and Lamp firmware, working with software engineers in some advanced features such as the real time temperature monitoring and dimming function.

07. Prototyping

Product Validation

A set of fully functional prototypes were built for design validation. With the help of the most advanced prototyping tools such as silicone molds, CNC and 3D printing several prototypes were tested in field for a complete product validation testing the product in real enviroments.

08. Deploy

Ready for production

The final design and specifications are transferred to the production 2D drawings what will be used for quality control with suppliers.

The drawings must include all specifications and standards required for each of the components such as:

  • the material or materials,
  • the required tests,
  • the color and surface finishing
  • the dimension tolerances.

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