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Gear Shifter Touch Screen

Pedro Albaladejo's personal vision of the future of vehicle interiors. GSTS is an innovative Gear Shifter Touch Screen aiming for a seamless connection between vehicle and driver for a safer and more intuitive driving experience.

01. Background

Digitalization trend

Following the digitalization trend, touch screens are very popular in the vehicle interiors, replacing obsolete levers, buttons or dials.

Exceptionally the Gear Shifter is still a challenge for many automakers.

02. New Technologies

Free-shaped and Curved Touch Screens

Designers love glass for the way it forms, the way it feels, and the functionality it enables. It is cool to touch, smooth, natural, elegant – and can even be flexible.  

Glass can enable haptic technology, which provides tactile confirmation when you swipe or tap a button. You’ll have instant feedback and confidence that you’ve made the right selection. There’s no need to fumble with levers and buttons anymore. 

You’ll be in command of an interface that integrates seamlessly with your other devices and connects you with your vehicle.

03. Design Goals

Digital shifting done right

Some of the feaures that were considered to be solved by the new design:

  • ergonomic –three-dimensional touch for muscle memory,
  • intuitive interaction – operation via swiping and pressing familiar symbols,
  • feedback –redundant haptic, audible and visual to inform if an action was carried out correctly,
  • unique gestures –  differentiable pattern for each gear selection,
  • interactive display – the user is informed about the chosen gear and the gear options,
  • customizable & Updatable – upgrade or update the user interface,
  • safe – operable without draw visual attention of the driver,
  • reliable – redundant and automatic shifting intention detection,
  • autonomous – intuitive switch between Autonomous and Non-autonomous driving,
  • sustainable – replace heavy and complex mechanical parts.
04. Digital Prototype I


We have created the first curved Gear Shifter Touch Screen for an intuitive, easy and safe operation.


  • fast and Intuitive Learning Curve,
  • haptic Feedback,
  • different shifting interaction for each gear,
  • action required cues to inform about the available selection, and
  • operable without draw visual attention of the driver.

05. Digital Prototype II

Fully Customizable

Providing a fully customizable, upgradable and updatable user interface.


  • display the information in the driver’s language,
  • display more intuitive signs,
  • change the colors and pattern according to the driver mode,
  • save different user configurations, and
  • swipe or push button screens.
06. Digital Prototype III

Autonomous Ready

In an autonomous car, the driver see how the car autonomously shift the gears, enhancing the driving experience and safety perception.


  • intuitive Switch between Autonomous and Non-autonomous driving,
  • visual interaction with the driver,
  • alert the driver of action required,
  • AutoPark Function, and
  • sustainable design replacing mechanical heavy components.

07. Demo Prototype

Hardware Layout

Main components:

  • glass cover,
  • force sensor,
  • touch tensor,
  • proximity sensor
  • screen
  • bezel, and
  • control board.

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